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Speed Factor

Timing Is Everything

At MMD Medical, we know that in the face of a highly regulated, competitive market we know deadlines can be elusive. And despite every effort to avoid falling behind schedule, it’s inevitable that delays will occur along the way. That’s where we come in. No matter when a customer comes to us in the process, we will seamlessly integrate with their operation and find a way to catch them up. After all, they’re called deadlines for a reason. While our customers are committed to developing and launching life saving devices, we are committed to keeping them on time.

Turning Deadlines into Finish Lines – Here are some of the ways we leverage our full range of in-house capabilities to help customers launch products and technologies into the marketplace faster.

  • Design Review

    Laying a solid foundation is the key to avoid wasting time with redos later on. That’s why we start each project by establishing a thorough understanding our customers’ needs. Through collaborative, extensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) conversations, we identify potential challenges that may occur down the line in order to develop a launch plan and manufacturing processes that will be in place to overcome them.

  • Develop Streamlined Processes

    Understanding exactly what a customer needs will result in creating a lean project plan that assures all necessary steps are completed and unnecessary steps removed, when taking a product to launch. By sequencing steps correctly, we can run many of them in parallel, reduce needless secondary operations and save significant amounts of time.

  • Maintain Control Over Lead Times and Quality

    With robust in-house capabilities, we can assure there is no time wasted waiting on suppliers. By simplifying and controlling supply chains, we have the ability to ensure quality every step of the way.

  • Get it Right the First Time

    Since we already took the time for extensive collaboration and preparation through R&D and Design of Experiment (DOE) in the design review stage, in production, we reap the benefits of processes that work the first time, without having to go back and make improvements.

  • Bridging or Ramp-Up Period

    When products need to get to market faster to satisfy those concerned about cash flow and finances, having a production partner who is willing to serve the bridge phase of the project not only saves cost, but also accelerates timetables between launch and stabilization.

  • Being Selective

    We know that in order to deliver on speed for every project, we need to be disciplined about taking on the right projects, clearly identifying those that will drive truly significant value for our customers.

We never omit steps to speed up the process. Instead, we do it through our innovative design and creative engineering. That’s why our customers trust us to not only launch their products faster, but to consistently deliver cost-effective results they can count on in their critical applications.