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Employee Stories

Employee Stories

Paul Rivers

Paul Rivers

Mold Build Supervisor/Planner
Transitioning from part-time employee to full-time problem solver

I started part-time during trade school, and after I graduated, I became a full-time mold builder. Having the opportunity to wear many hats, I transferred into the EDM Department for 10 years, spent some time in Sales and transitioned into my current position as Mold Build Supervisor/Planner, where I’ve been since 2008.The best thing about working here is having the ability to make a direct impact on our customers and the business. Managing the process from initial bid to kicking it off on the shop floor, I get to work side-by-side with other problem solvers who have the same goals that I do. Overall, anyone with the right attitude will succeed here.

Jodi Tweeton

Jodi Tweeton

Account Manager/Buyer
From part-time to life-time

As a stay-at-home mom who was looking for a job where I could collaborate with a team while also having the flexibility I needed in my personal life, I joined MMD Medical as a Part-Time Receptionist. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue many opportunities throughout the company.From Accounts Payable to Project Coordinator to my current role as Account Manager for one of our biggest customers and buyer for MMD Medical, I’ve had the chance to build stronger relationships with customers and peers and accelerate my career. Even without a technical background, MMD Medical gave me a chance to grow and prove myself every step of the way. I started part time 16 years ago and now, I’m a “lifer.”


Evan Yang

Set-Up Technician
Building a foundation of knowledge

I started working at MMD right out of high school. I was placed here through a temp agency and then hired by the company in 2012. I began as an operator, and a year later I got promoted to a line lead as well as set-up technician. I now have responsibility for setting up injection molding presses to run some of our most complex programs. Showing up to work every day and doing my best has really paid off, allowing me to continue moving up in the company.Mostly, I enjoy being appreciated for the work that I do at MMD. They respect you and treat you fairly, and invest in you as a person. Over time, I continue learning about the Medical Molding industry – doing setups, paperwork and making sure things get done on time. These are skills that I can use throughout my career. The knowledge, constant learning and on-the-job experience you receive at MMD will help you pursue anything you want in a career in manufacturing. I have never second-guessed my decision to work here.


Aaron Becker

Sales Executive
Diverse opportunities to grow

I started at MMD when I was 18 and still in high school. It was a good fit for me, so I went to tech school during the day and continued working in the mold building department at night. Eventually, I moved to the machining side and worked my way up to supervising. From there, I learned programming, became a programming supervisor, and worked in project management, working directly with customers. I had the opportunity to move into sales, and now have the opportunity to serve some of our biggest customers and directly contribute to the growth of MMD. Learning many aspects of the business, I have had the chance to pursue numerous, diverse opportunities to advance my career at MMD.

I work with a lot of creative people here who are willing to tackle complex parts, and collectively, we don’t ever give up on finding solutions. Every day brings new, fun projects that we get to work on. And even when change might seem a little stressful at first, with a lot of good people around, it ends up being a lot of fun.


Amy Burkett

Project Manager
A place you can be heard

After graduating with a degree in Finance and Credit, I pursued an opening at MMD for Receptionist/Accounts Payable. When a buyer position opened up, I applied for it internally and got the job. Due to the nature of the business, I moved to the Medical side of the company in a document control and project assistant role. After about 3 years, as the business really began picking up, they hired a doc control and buyer, while I remained in the project assistant role. Then, 2 years ago, I was promoted to Project Manager.What I have enjoyed most about working at MMD has been the ability to choose my own career path. They ask you what you want to do in the company, how you want to grow and give you the options to pursue the positions you want. And they really hear you and back it up. They encourage you to branch out and look at any training options that might help in your career, and then make sure you get it. Basically, I really like the people that I work with on a daily basis. We’ve all been here for a while and enjoy the culture that we’ve helped build over the years.


Colin Sand

Machining Supervisor
Endless opportunities for everyone

I started at MMD during my second year of tech school. My dad owned his own mold building company, and although I was interested in his line of work, I didn’t want to work in a place where I would carry the stigma of “the boss’s kid” around with me every day. Even though MMD was a direct competitor to my dad, he had a lot of good things to say about it. So, I interviewed, and the rest is history.Having started as an apprentice mold builder in 1997, I’ve been a part of a lot of change – both at the company and in my career. It’s been exciting to be a part of MMD’s evolution from strictly mold building to sampling some of our own molds to eventually adding precision machining. Plus, I’ve been able to jump around the company to pursue different opportunities I was interested in – from mold building to machining to supervision.

It’s very important to understand that if you come to MMD and are willing to put in the effort, grow with the company, and have an open mind, the opportunities are pretty endless here. When you show the ability and drive, people will definitely acknowledge it, and provide the coaching and training to make you successful.